Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies Part No: 123680/Termination-Termination/Cable Length/Colour
IEC 1010 Rating: 1000 Volts CAT III Double/Reinforced Insulation 20Amps
Standard Colours: Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White
Features: Example :
123680/OS-FS/1.2/Black = Shutter Plug to Fixed Shroud Plug. 1.2 metre long, Black.

Cable = 1mm² double insulated silicone 3.6mm Ø.
Multistranded very flexible copper core. 7/36/0.071
Standard lead length = 1.2 metre. Other lengths available.

This product is marked/labelled as per IEC requirements.
UL and CSA labelling upon request, please suffix /UL if required.

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